Our First Furious Fan Art!

Hi everyone, long time no post… been a bit busy with other side projects! But we have some good stuff on the way, new ideas and characters coming your way!

To welcome you back here is our very first Furious Curious Fan Art… by Nico Mereu. Apparently with a highlighter pen.

If you’d like to draw some fan art too, please send it to me at skinny@fucucomic.com and I’ll post it here. Just don’t make me look bad, k?



Episode 4 up, and 5 is in the slow-cooker. A 3 pager, I believe.

Also wanted to say thanks for all the hits, shout-outs and joins!


Twitter, Facebook and all the rest…

Alright, finally getting all this stuff HOOKED UP.



Show me some love and connect!

There’s also going to be moderate changes on the site for the next week or so, as I get feedback from people who know what they’re talking about, so I can bring you a more enjoyable user experience. Because I care *tear*. Less clicking for you, more Furious Curious.

Holy crap it’s a web comic!!

Hellooooo everyone, welcome to Fucucomic.com, home of Furious and Curious. This is Skinny Weirdo here. I know a lot of you might be put out with webcomics and I want to change that by bringing you some good filthy fun in the form of two loveable sisters: Furious and Curious. I hope you enjoy…. but if you don’t you can go fuck yourself up the ass!